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Sexuality & Gender Program 

Youth are referred to the sexuality and gender program for a displaying a myriad of different symptoms, ranging from sexual trauma, problematic sexual behaviors, and LBGTQ (including Gender Identity/Expression) challenges. Our clinical staff is trained in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders, dysfunctions, and behaviors. We aide client’s in understanding and accepting their own sexuality and gender identity to achieve a lifelong peace. If deemed appropriate, our clinical staff can be a referral source for medical providers who will assist with gender confirmation procedures and medications.

This program is further broken down into two Sub-programs: The Dandelion Project and Problematic Sexual Behaviors (PSB) unit.


             The Dandelion Project

The Dandelion Project provides resources and support to youth and families who identify as part of LGBTQIA+. In addition, the Dandelion Project educates professionals and the community about mental health needs, equality issues in educational/occupational environment, resources available to assist these youths.

The Dandelion Project partners alongside Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) to provide Bi-Monthly psycho-education and support group meetings.

   Problematic Sexual Behaviors Unit (PSB)

The PSB unit serves three populations of youth with problematic sexual behaviors.

  • Youth who have been released from residential placement needing aftercare services for PSB

  • Children and youth with sexual behavior problems who require early intervention

  • Youth with illegal sexual behavior who have been referred for assessment and/or outpatient therapy.


The PSB program is designed to address issues associated with sexual behavior and to provide a rehabilitative support network for adjudicated & non-adjudicated youth returning to selected counties in Alabama on aftercare and to provide community-based treatment services to youth not appropriate for residential placement. This program helps youth with problematic sexual behaviors maintain and attain successful treatment gains, build upon family and community strengths, and provide adequate relapse prevention services including psychotherapy and case management.